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Michelle Marie is the creator of Profitable Coaching Academy and host of the Put Your Passion To Work Podcast, where together we seek to gather inspiration, motivation, along with tangible tips to start and scale your coaching business. With over 18 years of business experience, mindset and business coach Michelle Marie is going to help you transform your passion of helping others, so you too can create a profitable coaching business. Let’s have some fun while we build your business!

Calling all mompreneurs - It's time to get rid of the mom guilt and take back your time. Because mama you CAN have it all, just like today's guest Kevin Marie Davis, who just so happens to be one of my biz besties. Kevin Marie is a wife, mom of 3 boys, business coach, full-time 9 to 5er, and president of her son's school PTO! 

We have a great time talking about how to take control of your time without the mom guilt. We learn how plan, prioritize, and practice good habits that will expand your life and business as a busy mompreneur. Let's find out how Kevin Marie gets it all done so we can apply some of her tips in our own lives, starting today!

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In today's show, I'm walking you through actionable ways to get your next (or first!) client. Hint: It's super simple. But you need to believe it's possible. DO you? Especially now with what's happening in the world? The answer should be YES! The world needs coaches now more than ever. To support, to help, to navigate. I am all about keeping things super simple, and so the strategies inside of this episode may have you questioning if it can really be that easy. It can - because I've done them to get clients, multiple times.


So listen up because I want to help you get your next client TODAY. I'm even going to give you a behind the scenes look on how I landed my first 5 clients! Let's put our passion to work!


One Client Opening in March- Put Your Passion To Work Today



Passion + Success,


Q: What brings 90% of traffic to my website? A: Pinterest!

Pinterest has been a gold mine for my coaching business which is why I'm so excited to bring on today's guest.

Entrepreneur, Coach & Pinterest guru Jacquelene Hayes is a wife and mom to two. She is putting her passion to work by helping moms learn how to live in abundance and teaching them how to create a Pinterest VA business as well as managing Pinterest accounts for small businesses. She is the host of her own show, called the Live Abundantly Podcast and her and I have an AMAZING conversation all about, what else, Pinterest!

Learn how and why Pinterest is important for your business, why you need to be on there, like yesterday -and why being a Pinterest VA is a perfect side business or side hustle for the stay at home mom. She is gifting my listeners with a beginner's guide to Pinterest so grab your copy and get started with Pinterest for your business today!


Connect with Jacquelene:

jacquelenehayes.com / instagram.com/jacquelenehayes / pinterest.com/jacquelenehayes


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In today's episode I will be teaching you the ENFP version of staying productive - by turning it into a game and prioritizing without all of that overwhelm! I talk about everything from time blocking, using the Pomodoro Technique, to the best way to stay on task even if your to-do list is longer than the Neverending Story.

No more overflowing to-do lists, no more what to work on when, getting stuck in the scroll when posting to social media. Learn how to identify those revenue-generating activities that will definitely help you make money moves in your coaching business.

Passion + Success,


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You know that feeling when you are lukewarm about something? As in, you don't hate it...but you don't love it..and your heart isn't in it?

That's what happened to Edyta Romanowicz when she landed her then dream job at LinkedIn; she still felt this pull for more. Then she saw an opportunity to put her passion to work...through coaching.

Edyta quickly realized she wasn't giving all of her energy and attention to either venture - coaching or her corporate job.

So she made the leap and left corporate to pursue coaching.

That was 4 years ago!

Today, Edyta is a professionally trained Confidence Coach who helps women find confidence through their intuition so that they can live thriving and fulfilled lives!

She was also my very first life coach and I can personally attest to her abilities to help transform and empower her clients. We have such a great conversation about the #powerofcoaching.

You'll learn in this episode that pursuing a job that is safe and comfortable isn't exciting, unfulfilling and if it doesn't challenge you - is it even worth doing?

Connect with Edyta:

www.edytacoaches.com | instagram.com/edytacoaches/ | facebook.com/groups/growconfidence/

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Do you know how to turn an objection into a coachable moment? Is YOUR money mindset in need of an adjustment?  Is your living in lack possibly contributing to your lack of success or worse yet - your lack of clients in your business?

How can you expect your clients to invest in you if YOU aren't willing to invest in you?

This episode is for YOU if you want to start living in abundance and manifesting money TODAY with a very small tweak to your attitude and beliefs around that dollar bill.

I will also teach you how to ask the right questions so you can overcome those common objections you will hear on your consult calls that's going to help you make more sales at the end of the day.

Overcoming objections and leading with serving (NOT selling) is a skill that every single online entrepreneur needs to have.

This episode gives you my ENTIRE coaching money mindset strategy. Let's dig in.

Passion and Success, Michelle




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Dating coach Monica Braun of Soul to Soul Coaching is putting her passion to work by empowering women to build and sustain healthy relationships and by teaching women the lessons she had to learn the hard way.

She is the author of Amazon bestseller, "From Toxic to Soulmate", which encourages women to avoid dating toxic men and instead, helps them navigate toward their perfect match.

In this episode you will hear Monica's message loud and clear, which is "never give up" and to check in and listen to yourself when it comes to the dating scene and beyond for healthy relationships.

This is a perfect episode to listen to whether you are celebrating Valentine's day with your honey or Galentine's day with your lovelies. Enjoy!


Learn more about Monica and grab a copy of her book:


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Being an entrepreneur is hard. We know this. Here is the story of time I launched with the goal to make 10k but I made 0. A complete flop. Although that launch and program wasn't profitable - it was still successful in that I learned some invaluable lessons.

So in today's episode, I will walk you through my top 5 lessons that contributed to that launch that flopped as a new entrepreneur so you can learn from my mistakes and we can grow together.

Passion and Success, Michelle




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In today's interview I get to speak to Elaine Lopez-Bogard from Heal The Womb, who is putting her passion to work by helping women overcome fertility issues and hold their babies in their arms.

As a self-proclaimed Fertility Intuitive & Quantum Healer, Elaine has worked on her craft for years by studying different spiritual modalities. Elaine also helps women connect and communicate with their Spirit Baby before conception and birth. Her holistic methods have helped her achieve over an 80% success rate helping clients get pregnant and become Mothers. You have to listen for yourself to believe the miracles she performs!

Her energy and vibrations are so high, this episode might just give you the chills. It will also show you how the power of coaching can transcend far beyond 'tangible' methods to achieve life-changing results. Enjoy!

Link for a free guided meditation to connect with your Spirit Baby. 

Connect with Elaine over at:





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Learn how to find your Ideal Client Profile with a fun, easy, and helpful exercise that goes by the name Mind Mapping. Your future client goes by a lot of different names: your perfect person, your dream client, your avatar. No matter what you call her, you need to know her likes, her dislikes, her struggles, what keeps her up at night, and more. When you know these things is when you can come up with a solution (service, product, program) to help her. Grab a paper and pen and let’s have a brainstorm sesh to get to know her!



*SPREAD THE LOVE, GET A GIFT* If you found value in today's show, take a minute and drop me a review on iTunes, then take a screenshot and email info@putyourpassiontowork.com for a special gift! Valid through 1/31/20.

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