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Michelle Marie is the creator of Profitable Coaching Academy and host of the Put Your Passion To Work Podcast, where together we seek to gather inspiration, motivation, along with tangible tips to start and scale your coaching business. With over 18 years of business experience, mindset and business coach Michelle Marie is going to help you transform your passion of helping others, so you too can create a profitable coaching business. Let’s have some fun while we build your business!

Sometimes you need to slow down to speed up. In this episode Michelle talks about taking a business sabbatical and what it means for her life and coaching practice going forward. As always, there is a lesson to be learned, one of which she is still going through - a season of transition and change. Some of the light at the other end of the tunnel has been: Room to breathe, Reassess, and get re-motivated to end 2020 stronger than ever. Michelle truly believes that everything happens for a reason and in this season she had to go through something to learn or teach a lesson. Sometimes she goes through things her clients are feeling and going through to be able to coach them through to the other side.

Everyone's telling you that you need to pick a niche. Maybe you don't need to do that right now. Maybe it will change in 6 months. Maybe you just need to work with anyone who will pay you at this point (been there, LOL). Maybe you want to work with lots of different kinds of people - so then what's the best way to do this if you can't choose a niche?

Learn my super secret tips to choosing a niche, when to do it, my biggest pet peeve about niching down and what to focus on instead.

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You never ever, ever, have to diet again according to my next guest! Alisha Carlson is a mom, wife, and 9-to-5er who is putting her passion to work as a non-diet lifestyle coach. I met Alisha last year through a mutual friend inside of a coaching program we invested in. We fast became friends, accountability partners and now we co-host a mastermind group together! #womensupportingwomen

I am so excited to introduce her philosophy to you! 

Alisha has an amazing approach around the concept of mindful eating. Through this mission she helps women learn how to eat healthy and meet their fitness goals - with ZERO dieting! Aside from ditching the diet, she also empowers women to make peace with their bodies long before they reach their goals. 

I am a big believer in "everything in moderation" and so anything that allows me to bring joy into my life (hello, chocolate) along with simplicity and satisfaction is a no-brainer. Sign me up! These very philosophies are the pillars of Alisha's brand and how she has achieved success not only in her own life, but through the lives of her clients with the "Mindful Eating Project."

Connect with Alisha: Website | Instagram | Download your FREE guide: The Mindful Eating Project

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What if I told you that your next client is waiting for you on Facebook? In this week's episode you're going to learn:

How to get your next client in other peoples Facebook groups with 3 simple strategies that you can do in less than 20 minutes a day!!

Some highlights include:

  • Be patient, like anything you need to be consistent and have strong basics/fundamentals.
  • Don't be shy or hide your passion from friends and family - shout it out from the rooftops because there is a 60% chance your next client is going to come from word of mouth or referrals from friends and family.
  • Embrace technology to be efficient and systematize. Treat Facebook as a business tool not a wormhole so that you can use it towards your advantage!

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My next guest is a friend, author, entrepreneur and host of the Elevate Your 8 Podcast.

Kris McPeak, M.Ed., helps career driven professionals elevate their 8; that's the 8 hours in between sleep and your typical 8-hour workday.

We get into productivity tips and how to structure your schedule so you can maximize your time, all without the overwhelm!

You will get tools you can use to feel more productive with the ultimate goal of turning goals into results. This is  a total note-taking episode with lots of golden nuggets! Let's dive in!


Connect with Kris: Website | Instagram | Podcast


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In this quick episode I am talking about 3 ways to alleviate stress before it starts to have a negative impact on your business, the thing you are working so hard for!

Let’s explore how to handle your stress and regain balance in your life and biz!


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Passion & Success,



Certified Self-Love Coach (and a former coach of mine!) Amena Apshori is putting her passion to work by helping women receive the gift of self-love.

When Amena went through her inner work journey, she discovered that she had many callings, had a lot of spiritual awakenings and truly connected to her passion - to guide other women to find their purpose and passion and really love themselves through the process of embracing their souls.

Amena shares so much widsom with me in this episode. As you'll see, one of her many talents is helping women reconnect to their feminine energy, so that they can increase their self-worth and confidence.


Connect with Amena: http://www.amenaapshori.com | www.instagram.com/coachamenaapshori


Click here to grab your copy of: The Ultimate Guide to Pursuing Your Passion




Exactly one month ago, most kids in the U.S were coming home from school for what we now know, was the last day of the school year. We are living a 'new normal' working from home, homeschooling, and not being able to see family and friends in the same way.

Here's one certainty: things don't always go quite as planned. 

So how do you navigate getting all the things done when there is more on your plate? Do you have a morning routine and how has it changed?

I will give you a little behind the scenes into my morning routine and how it has changed. You'll learn why I think it's important to go with the flow versus being held to a strict minute by minute schedule and how I manage to get things done when things don't always go as planned.


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Former pharmacist turned personal branding strategist Robyn Graham is putting her passion to work by helping others create personal brands in the second phase that stand out and make an impact. She explains what the 5 C's are to perfecting your brand - creating something that aligns with your mission, values, and passions.

Plus, we dig into her personal WHY, how leaving her career and going into her second phase aligned so much better with her personal values, family dynamics, and lifestyle.

You will learn lots AND definitely be inspired by today's show!

Connect with Robyn: www.robyngrahamphotography.com | instagram.com/therobyngraham

Passion + Success



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List-building is one of the most important things you can do to grow and monetize your coaching business! Listen in as to why you need to be focusing a good chunk of your time on list-building and organic attraction marketing methods to grow a high quality email list.



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